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2024 Primary Election Endorsements

Updated: Apr 3

The Oregon AFL-CIO is proud to announce that our federation has endorsed a slate of candidates for consideration in the 2024 Primary Election!  

Our Committee on Political Education met earlier this month where representatives from unions in every sector of our economy and across the state discussed and voted to endorse candidates who will be champions for working people once elected to office. 

In order to elect these candidates to office and to reelect the incumbents who have proven track records of advocacy for working people, it is critical that union members and workers volunteer to canvass and phone bank in support of Oregon Labor’s endorsements candidates. Click here to sign up for Labor 2024 and we will be in touch shortly with a calendar of events throughout Oregon starting in a few short weeks.  

To date, the Oregon AFL-CIO has endorsed the following candidates for the 2024 Primary Election: 


  • Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici for CD-1

  • Congresswoman Val Hoyle for CD-4

  • Congresswoman Andrea Salinas for CD-6


  • House Speaker Dan Rayfield for Attorney General 


  • State Senator Kate Lieber for SD 14

  • State Senator Wlnsvey Campos for SD 18

  • State Senator Kathleen Taylor for SD 21

  • State Senator Khanh Pham for SD 23

  • State Senator Chris Gorsek for SD 25

  • Anthony Broadman for SD 27


  • State Rep.  Pam Marsh for HD 5

  • Lisa Fragala for HD 8

  • State Rep. David Gomberg for HD 10

  • State Rep. Nancy Nathanson for HD 13

  • Lesley Munoz for HD 22

  • State Rep. Ben Bowman for HD 25

  • State Rep. Courtney Neron for HD 26

  • State Rep. Ken Helm for HD 27

  • State Rep. Dacia Grayber for HD 28

  • State Rep. Susan McLain for HD 29

  • State Rep. Nathan Sosa for HD 30

  • State Rep. Lisa Reynolds for HD 34

  • State Rep. Farrah Chaichi for HD 35

  • April Dobson for HD 39

  • State Rep. Tawna Sanchez for HD 43

  • State Rep. Travis Nelson for HD 44

  • State Rep. Thuy Tran for HD 45

  • Willy Chotzen for HD 46

  • Hoa Nguyen for HD 48

  • State Rep. Zach Hudson for HD 49

  • State Rep. Ricki Ruiz for HD 50

  • State Rep. Emerson Levy for HD 53

  • State Rep. Jason Kropf for HD 54

  • State Rep. Greg Smith for HD 57

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