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The 2024 Oregon Legislature is an opportunity for the Oregon Labor Movement to advocate for all working people by passing bills that both build upon and defend the progress we have made. Oregon’s unions are united in our unwavering mission to build a fair and just economy for all working people in every community in our great state.


The affiliated unions of the Oregon AFL-CIO represent workers in every sector of our economy. We are healthcare workers, firefighters, grocery store workers, public employees, educators, construction workers, manufacturing workers, social workers and many more.


Together, we fight to make Oregon not only a great place to live but also a great place to work: Where workers are treated with dignity and respect and have the safest conditions possible to do their jobs and keep our state running every day.


Oregon AFL-CIO Led Priorities

  • Offshore Wind - Strong Labor Standards and Roadmap Directive

  • Automation, Mechanization, and AI Study Budget Note


  • Ongoing Child Care Funding

  • Arts Funding

  • Highroad Jobs

  • Ongoing Defensive and Opportunities on High Road Jobs for State Projects

  • Clean Energy Tech Supply Chain

  • Fair Wages and Timely Payment

Healthcare & Behavioral Health 

  • Behavioral Health Worker Safety

  • Healthcare Interpreter Trust

  • PERS: “High Risk” Tier, Lower Firefighter Retirement Age

  • Addressing Violence Against Healthcare Workers

  • Addiction, Behavioral Health, and Homelessness Prevention

Defending Our Progress

  • Farmworker Overtime Defense

  • Ongoing Protections for Agricultural Workers Facing the Impacts of Climate Change

  • Equitable Fire Taxation

  • Pay Equity Defense

  • Nurse Licensure Compact Defense

  • PFML Technical Fixes, Issues

  • Ongoing BOLI Enforcement Enhancement and Protections


  • SB 283 Fix on Classified Staff

  • Early Childhood Intervention Special Education Funding

  • Incident Reporting Access in Schools

  • Adjunct Faculty Trend Study Bill

Protecting All Workers 

  • Debt Collection Fairness

  • Rental Assistance and Stable Housing

  • Universal Legal Representation Investments

  • School-Based Health Center Investments


Legislative Scorecards

Use the links below to view previous Oregon AFL-CIO Legislative Scorecards where we rank the Oregon Legislature based on how they voted for and supporter Oregon Labor priorities during each session. 

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