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2023 Legislative Priorities 

2023 Oregon Labor Priorities

The 2023 Oregon Legislature presents us with opportunities to continue our state’s work to both recover from the pandemic and to support working Oregonians in the challenges we face in today’s economy.  The Oregon Labor Movement stands united in our mission to truly build a fair and just economy for all and our 2023 legislative priorities are a central component to that mission.  We know that through creating laws that help working Oregonians we put our entire state on a pathway to greater equality and prosperity. 

Workers Compensation Reforms 

  • Self Administered Plans transition to SAIF (UFCW Local 555)

  • Wage Replacement Restructure  (UFCW Local 555)

  • SB 418 - Time Off for Physical Therapy (Oregon AFSCME) 

  • HB 3471 -  Restrict No Re-Hire Provisions from Workers Compensation Settlements

  • HB 3467 - On-Site Injury Workers Compensation Reporting

Procurement and Standards  

  • SB 850 - Responsible Contracting Standards (Ironworkers Local 29) 

  • SB 119 - Oregon State Apprenticeship Utilization Study  (Ironworkers Local 29)

  • Transportation investments for new equipment for local governments (Oregon AFSCME)

  • SB 594 - Repealing the Prevailing Wage Exemption for stand-alone Demolition & Hazardous Waste Clean-up Projects (LiUNA) 


Clean Energy Economy Must Be Union Made

  • HB 3332 - Buy America (Blue Green Alliance) 

  • Clean Tech/Manufacturing Procurement (Blue Green Alliance)

  • High Road Labor/Climate Standards in State Spending (Blue Green Alliance)

  • PLAs and CBAs in Infrastructure Projects (Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council) 


  • SB 410 - Limit Provisional License Time for Pharmacy Technicians (UFCW Local 555) 

  • Allow Technicians to Check One Another’s Work (UFCW Local 555)

  • HB 2697 - Safe Hospital Staffing (ONA) 

  • HB 2002 - Reproductive & Gender Justice for All (Fair Shot for All)

  • Case Management/Behavioral Health and Caseload Standards (Oregon AFSCME)

  • Medicaid for Behavioral Health workers (Oregon AFSCME) 

  • SB 548 - Interpreter Portal (Oregon AFSCME)  

  • OHSU Board Representation (Oregon AFSCME) 

  • HB 2611 - Reauthorize Adjunct Faculty Health Care Reauthorize Adjunct Faculty Health Care (AFT Oregon) 

Organizing and Collective Bargaining 

  • PLA Requirements for Licensed Cannabis, Retailers, Growers and Manufacturers (UFCW Local 555)

  • Food Delivery Drivers Misclassification Correction (UFCW Local 555)

  • Support for Striking Workers (Oregon AFL-CIO)

  • SB 283 - Extend Just Cause in CBAs for all Public K-12 Education Employees (OSEA)

  • More Equitable Workplaces - accrue vacation and sick time when called to active duty (Oregon AFSCME) 

  • HB 2573 - ERB online authorization cards (Oregon AFSCME) 

  • Protect Public Employee Information (Oregon AFSCME) 

  • SB 187 - Strike Protections for Transit Workers (ATU Local 757)

Safety and Health 

  • Allow for the Adoption of Safety Standards for Food Delivery Services and Ensure that Retailers Who Use Such Services are Liable for the Maintenance of Such Standards (UFCW Local 555)

  • SB 592 - Keep Oregon Workers Safe Act (Oregon AFL-CIO) 

  • Fire and Smoke Control System Inspection Verification Program and Enforcement (SMART Local 16)

Recruitment and Retention 

  • HB 2294 - Extension of Firefighter Apprenticeship Program Investment (Oregon State Fire Fighters Council) 

  • HB 2296 - Return to Public Service Extension (Oregon State Fire Fighters Council)   

  • SB 283 - K-12 budget funding for Educator Recruitment and Retention Efforts (OSEA)

  • HB 2800 - Definition of Age Discrimination to Protect Older Workers (Oregon AFL-CIO)

  • SB 799, SB 611, HB 2733 - Stable Homes for Oregon Families (Fair Shot for All)

  • SB 631 - No Harm for Refusing Mandatory Overtime (24/7 Workers) (Oregon AFSCME)


  • HB 3383 - Classified Staff Representation in State Education Policy Boards and Commissions (OSEA)

  • SB 489 - Equal Access to UI Benefits for School Bus Drivers, Special Education Assistants (OSEA)

  • SB 283 - Special Education Support Package (OSEA)

  • HB 3031 - School Ventilation Infrastructure (SMART Local 16) 

  • SB 416 - Adjunct Faculty Pay Parity (AFT Oregon) 

  • SB 609 - Graduate Student Employee Access to SNAP Benefits (AFT Oregon) 

  •  SB 423/HB 2612 - Public University Governance Reforms (AFT Oregon) 


  • HB 2701 - High Risk PERS For 911 and State Hospital (Oregon AFSCME)

  • SB 128 - Include Corrections Chaplains in PERS (Oregon AFSCME) 

  • HB 2299 - Lowering the Retirement Age of Police and Fire (Oregon State Fire Fighters Council)

Creating the Oregon Workers Need

  • Childcare Improvements for Registered and Certified Providers (Oregon AFSCME)

  • HB 2468 - Childcare Renters Issue (Oregon AFSCME)

  • SB 612, SB 613 - Indigenous Language Justice (Fair Shot for All) 

  • SB 413 - Public Defense (Oregon AFSCME) 

  • Campaign Finance Reform that Allows Oregon’s Unions to Continue to Meaningfully Engage in Elections (Oregon AFL-CIO)

  • HB 2019 - Defend Oregon Film Tax Credits to Promote Union Jobs (Film Industry unions) 

  • SB 5515 - Fund Oregon BOLI Enforcement Teams Adequately (Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council)

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