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Workers Memorial Day 2024

Workers Memorial Day takes place every year on April 28, marking the anniversary of the day the Occupational Safety and Health Act went into effect. Now commonly known as OSHA, the act codifies every worker’s fundamental right to a safe job. OSHA exists because of the tireless efforts of the labor movement, which organized for safer working conditions and demanded action from the government to protect working people. 

Workers Memorial Day honors those we’ve lost, and serves as a call to action to keep fighting for workplace safety. Unions across the country will gather to honor each and every worker who lost their lives as the result of workplace injury and illness. 

On Friday, April 26, the Oregon AFL-CIO will honor the 56 workers from across the state who lost their lives while doing their jobs in 2023. We invite you to join us for two events:

  • At 9:30am, we will gather with the Oregon State Firefighters Council, the Northwest Oregon Labor Council, IAFF Local 43, elected officials and faith leaders in Portland on the Eastbank Esplanade beside Portland Fire and Rescue Station 21.

  • At noon, we will hold a ceremony at the Fallen Worker Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Mall where we will be joined by workplace safety advocates, elected officials, and faith leaders.

RSVP for a Workers Memorial Day Event in Oregon by clicking the button below.

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