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UAW Global Day of Solidarity | 4/23 in Portland

Updated: Apr 19

On Tuesday, April 23 the United Autoworkers are holding a Global Day of Solidarity where workers at Daimler Trucks will rally across the country to demand a fair share of the record profits being made by the company.  

Since 2018, Daimler Truck has seen a 90% increase in profits while its workers have fallen further and further behind.  UAW members are ready to stand up for a record contract at Daimler factories across the country and we need you to stand with them, in front of Daimler’s North American Headquarters building in Portland, to show solidarity, and help workers win a record contract.  Here are the details: 

UAW Global Day of Solidarity

Tuesday, April 23 at 3:00pm

Outside of Daimler’s Corporate Offices at 3835 N Channel Ave (sidewalk only) 

Wear your union colors and bring a friend! 

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