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Wind for Workers

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The jobs provided by new technologies and infrastructure are necessary to reinvigorate rural Oregon's economy and ensure that the next generation has access to the skills and jobs that enable them to earn a living wage.

In 2006, when Blattner Energy built the Klondike II Wind Farm outside of Wasco, industry-leading wages and benefits provided life-changing stability for thousands of Oregon’s workers. Wind energy can reinvigorate the economy and power our future.

Unfortunately, at a time when Oregon’s rural communities have an urgent need for jobs and opportunities, contractors are taking the low road and leaving rural Oregonians behind. Instead of hiring local workers to help stimulate the economy, GE Renewables refused to hire locally and instead chose to drive down area standards by bringing in contractors from out of state.

Rural Oregonians are ready to work. Call your legislator and tell them to hire local!

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