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New Podcast Episode: Interview With Christina Stephenson

On this month’s episode of The Voice of Oregon’s Workers we sat down with Christina Stephenson, the Oregon Labor endorsed candidate for Oregon’s Labor Commissioner! A working mom and longtime advocate for workers’ rights, Christina Stephenson advanced to the general election in November following a successful campaign in the May 2022 primary election. She’ll need the support of Oregon’s Labor Movement and working people across the state to win her election, and that’s exactly what we are planning to do this fall.

The Labor Commissioner is in charge of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries - or BOLI for short - the state entity responsible for protecting Oregon’s workers’ rights on the job. That includes everything from enforcing minimum wage and prevailing wage laws to protecting against discrimination and harrasment on the job. As you’ll hear on the podcast, Christina’s experience, priorities and passion make her the perfect candidate to run BOLI.

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