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Know Your Rights: New Oregon Laws in 2024

Many laws that passed during the 2023 session went into effect on January 1, including unemployment insurance protections for classified educators, improved school infrastructure safety and quality measures, firefighters apprenticeship programs and protections for childcare providers in rental properties. 

Learn more about these bills and the labor priorities that already went into effect by reading our report about the 2023 Oregon Legislature.  Some of the new laws for 2024 include: 

  • SB 128: Allows Chaplains in correctional facilities to earn PERS

  • SB 489: Unemployment insurance protections for Classified Educators

  • SB 599: Allows home childcare providers to operate in rental properties 

  • HB 2294: Creates a registered apprenticeship program for Firefighters  

  • HB 3031: Improves School Safety Infrastructure


And in case you missed it, Oregon workers are now better protected thanks to SB 592, employers with unsafe working conditions now face steeper penalties and improved inspections. To learn more about how these protections will impact your workplace, check out our blog post. 

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