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⚠️ STRIKE ALERT: PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Home Care Strike

It is once again time for Oregon Labor to stand together in solidarity with striking workers. Nurses represented by the Oregon Nurses Association working for PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Home Care services in Lane County will begin a strike on Saturday, February 10 which is scheduled to go through Friday, February 23. 

An injury to one worker is an injury to all of us and it's critical that Oregon's workers and unions rally behind the striking ONA members until a fair contract is reached and ratified.  When we join each other's fights, we have the strength in numbers to accomplish anything.  

These brave workers are striking as part of their fight to fix a failing health care system. From heartlessly closing University District, leaving Eugene without a hospital, to handing corporate executives multimillion dollar raises during the pandemic, PeaceHealth’s corporate executives are cutting health care again so they can cash in. 

Here's how you can support the strike: 

As we saw during the wave of strikes in the Pacific Northwest last year, our solidarity and our unwavering support of any striking worker will help to push management towards a fair settlement. Please stand together with ONA nurses at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Home Care services in their fight to fix a broken health care system and to win the fair contract they deserve. 

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