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Working People Need a Bailout

As the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives and create economic uncertainty and distress for countess workers, Wall Street and corporate America are receiving unfathomable amounts of Federal dollars. Designed to increase stock trading, it’s a fact that the $1.5 trillion is not headed into the pockets of a single working family. Similarly, the airline industry could be receiving around $54 billion in another bailout soon. Cash injections into Wall Street and specific industries is not a new practice, nor is it unexpected given the restrictions on what we consider everyday life in America amidst the pandemic. The question is, is it the best course of action? For working people, it is not.

Last year our nation broke a record, and not a good one: More people than ever before are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. That does not translate into the monthly jobs numbers which praised the pre-pandemic stock market and low unemployment. The point here is that if more Americans than ever before are working multiple jobs, what happens when those jobs start cutting hours or shuttering altogether? And to make matters worse for the American worker, the tax cuts touted by President Trump are not trickling down to working Americans. Our economy is a house of cards, but those at the top have all the stability.

For every worker who has lost hours or a job entirely because of the pandemic, their bills don’t stop. The rent doesn’t stop. The Federal Government says Wall Street and airlines need cash to maintain our economy’s stability, but without quick and thorough action from every level of government, the working people of our country will be in serious trouble. That’s why we’re asking everyone to call their Senators and demand passage of HR 6139, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

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