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Workers’ Choice for VP

Sen. Kamala Harris’ dedication to the most critical issues facing working families was on full display last night. It was a stark contrast to Vice President Mike Pence, who continues to fail miserably as the head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Harris clearly laid out the plans a Biden administration would take to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and provide relief to working people, while Pence still cannot answer for the lack of a national strategy.

Working people know both vice presidential candidates. Pence has always been an anti-worker poster child, repealing Indiana’s prevailing wage law, supporting “right to work” and making it easier to fire LGBTQ people because of who they are. Harris’ vision and values could not be more different. In the wake of the housing crisis, she held big banks accountable and prosecuted employers for stealing our wages. Working people were proud when Sen. Harris was named as Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate, and we look forward to electing her as America’s next vice president.

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