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Workers at CertainTeed Roofing On Strike Against Unfair Labor Practices

Almost 60 workers at CetrainTeed roofing in Northwest Portland have been on strike since Wednesday, February 22 over unfair labor practices perpetrated by management. Workers at CertainTeed produce roofing materials used in residential and commercial construction. The workers have tried to negotiate a fair contract with management but are unable to do so because, according to LiUNA Local 737 who represents the workers, management has been unwilling to sit down and bargain in a timely manner.

“CertainTeed workers are fed up. We’ve come to the table ready to negotiate and management has not been willing to do the same,” said Zack Culver, LiUNA Local 737 Business Manager. “ Leading up to the strike, the company has been unavailable for long periods of time and slow to respond to the workers. We are asking that CertainTeed return to the table and stay until we can reach a deal that we can take back to the members for approval. These workers deserve a better deal. It's time for management to sit down and make it happen.”

CertainTeed workers are picketing the company's location at 6350 NW Front Ave, Portland, OR 97210. The workers have a meeting scheduled with management on Tuesday, February 28 where they hope to reach a fair settlement.

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