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Want To Run For Office?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Are you a union member in rural Oregon interested in running for public office? Learn how to run your campaign this summer: Applications are due June 1.

The Oregon Labor Candidate School and the Oregon AFL-CIO’s Path to Power program are joining forces to run a new Rural Cohort for Oregon union members who live outside of the I-5 corridor on how to run for office – whether that be elected union leadership, a local water district seat, your local school board, or the state legislature!

It is critical that union members are represented at every level of government to advocate for working people and drive us toward a fair and just economy for all.

At our trainings, you will learn what it means to be a candidate, how to run a campaign, how to talk to the press, and how to continue maintaining your labor values as a candidate, and as an elected official.

The Rural Cohort will be held virtually via Zoom and will consist of five classes from June to October 2021. The school is non-partisan and open to all union members interested in advancing workers' issues and public service.

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