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Update on Union-Endorsed Candidates in Local Elections

PORTLAND - May 18’s special district election results showcase the critical role workers can play at the ballot box, and the importance of having champions for working families run for public office at all levels of government.

Although several key races in the Salem-Keizer School Board elections remain too close to call, one thing is clear in those races: After weeks of local unions engaging with voters to turn out, a record number of voters cast their ballots this year.

Oregon AFL-CIO President Graham Trainor responded to the results and what they mean for Oregon’s unions:

“It is truly inspiring to see so many union members and working people in every corner of our state take time from their busy lives to run for office and be willing to commit to public service. By working together to mobilize union members and educate voters, Oregon’s unions have drawn a new roadmap to an economy that is fair and just for all.”

As Oregon continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, including grappling with the CDC’s new guidelines on masks, school reopening, and frontline worker protections, the voices of working people in local offices, boards and commissions are critical. President Trainor remarked on the importance of local elections:

“Running for local office as a union member is vitally important, not only to represent the needs of workers in government but to educate the community about the importance of unions in local economies. I hope to see union members and worker advocates run for office at every level of government, be successful in their duties once elected, and open the door to the next generation of workers to do the same. The frontlines of the pandemic are the towns, cities, and communities that make Oregon great. We need advocates in those communities who can execute a work-centered recovery from the pandemic, wildfires, and whatever else comes our way.”

Close to half of the candidates endorsed by labor organizations in local elections this spring were members of labor unions or former union members. Several candidates were also graduates of the Oregon Labor Candidate School, an intensive candidate training program for rank-and-file union members that helped give them the tools they needed to run for office. The Oregon AFL-CIO, its affiliated unions, partners and allies will continue to work with our local labor movements to mobilize and educate union members to become active in the political process from voting to running their own campaign. To learn more about efforts underway in Oregon this summer to train candidates in rural Oregon, please click here.

Endorsements & Election Results


⭐ Union Member

�� Oregon Labor Candidate School Graduate

✅ Ahead in votes

❌ Behind in votes

❓ Close contest

Central Oregon Labor Chapter

Results via Deschutes County Elections

La Pine Rural Fire Protection District

✅ Robin Lannan Adams

Bend-La Pine School Board

✅ Carrie Douglass

✅ Marcus LeGrand

Redmond School Board

❌ Stephanie Hunter

Bend Parks & Recreation Board

✅ Deb Schoen

La Pine Parks & Recreation Board

❌ Robin Vora

Marion Polk Yamhill Central Labor Chapter

Results via Marion County Elections & Oregon Votes

Dallas School Board

✅ Pally Mann⭐

Salem-Keizer School Board

✅Osvaldo Avila

❓Ashley Carson Cottingham -- slightly ahead; still waiting on final election results ❓Karina Guzman Ortiz⭐ -- slightly ahead; still waiting on final election results ✅Maria Hinojos Pressey⭐

Northwest Oregon Labor Council

Results via Oregon Votes

Portland Community College District

✅ Serin Bussell⭐

✅ Laurie Wagner

❌Reiko Williams

Multnomah Education Service District

✅ Mary Botkin⭐

Beaverton City Council

❓Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg -- headed to a September Run-Off election

David Douglas School District

❌ Deian Salazar

Reynolds School District

✅ Cayle Tern⭐

Portland School District

✅ Herman Greene

Centennial School District

✅ Erica Fuller

North Clackamas School District

❌Lars Best

Port of Columbia County

✅ Brian Fawcett

Lane County Central Labor Chapter

Results via Lane County Elections

Eugene SD (4j)

✅ Laural O'Rourke⭐

❌ Tom DiLiberto⭐

✅ Maya Rabasa⭐��

LCC Board

✅ Austin Folnagy ⭐��

✅ Holli Johnson⭐ (dual endorsement)

✅ Steve Mital

Oakridge School Board

✅❓ Susan Hardy⭐��

Lane ESD

✅ Rose Wilde

Springfield School Board

✅❓ Kelly Mason

❌ Anthony Reed⭐

Linn Benton Lincoln Central Labor Chapter Results via Benton County Elections & Oregon Votes

Corvallis School Board

✅ Dr. Luhui Whitebear

✅ Dr. Vince Adams

✅ Sami Al-Abdrabbuh⭐

Sweet Home School Board

✅ Jim Gourley⭐

Southern Oregon Central Labor Chapter Results via Oregon Votes


✅ Rogue Valley Transportation District Measure 15-200

Ashland School Board

❌ Misha Hernandez⭐


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