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Unions Plan Defense of Workers’ Rights

PORTLAND, OR – Unions representing workers in every sector of Oregon’s economy met today in Portland to discuss, strategize, and prepare for the next four years. Committing to work together, representatives from over 25 unions, took an in-depth look at what President Trump’s administration, Congress, and the Supreme Court will mean for working people and unions in Oregon in the near future.

The meeting is the beginning of a statewide strategy to educate and mobilize workers to take action and advocate for a fair economy that benefits everyone, not just the wealthiest. The advocacy includes defending workers’ rights from attacks via Congress, the Supreme Court, and beyond.

“When working people stand together as unions in workplaces, it means we have a voice in how we are treated on the job. As labor unions, we are standing together to make sure working people have a voice in how we all are treated,” said Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain. “The nominees for Cabinet of the United States, Congress, and potentially the Supreme Court present clear threats to the rights of working people. Millions of Americans may lose healthcare, public education systems across the country could decline, and we may face a Labor Secretary whose business practices include refusing to pay managers overtime and avoids negotiation with his workers at all costs.”


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