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The People’s Postal Service

For most of us, the U.S. Postal Service is a given in our daily lives. Our packages and mail arrive, and our letters to family or checks to landlords go out on time. Unless there is a disruption to service, many never even give the Postal Service a second thought but behind this efficient system are hundreds of thousands of hardworking people whose labor ensures our mail’s expected arrival and departure from our homes and businesses.

The National Association of Letter Carriers has been fighting for the rights of letter carriers since 1889. Representing over 284,000 active and retired letter carriers nationwide with over 2,000 local branches, the NALC is everywhere and every day we see its members working hard to keep our communities connected. The history of the NALC is fascinating and inspiring – from the general postal strike in New York City in 1970 calling out the postal service for poverty wages to modern-day waves of organizing and mobilization around a wide range of issues, NALC members are an essential part of the American Labor Movement and our communities.

On the latest episode of The Voice of Oregon’s Workers, we talk with David Norton, President of the National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 82, and Suzanne Miller, Shop Steward and editor of Branch 82’s newsletter. We discuss the importance of defending the rights and dignity of Letter Carriers, the latest threats in Congress, and how NALC members go above and beyond to serve their communities.

Take Action to Protect U.S. Postal Service Employees: Learn More About NALC Priority Congressional Bills and Resolutions: Leave Positive Feedback About Your Letter Carrier: Go to, scroll down to the bottom, under ‘Helpful Links’ click on ‘Feedback’, and follow the prompts.

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