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The Freedom Foundation Sinks to a New Low

Only weeks after hosting white supremacist Laura Ingraham of Fox News, the Freedom Foundation has sunk to a new low and invited yet another Fox News bigot to their upcoming Oregon banquet at the Salem Convention Center: homophobe Mike Huckabee. Huckabee’s anti-LGBTQ record is appalling: he’s called for legislation to allow for discrimination against LGBTQ people, signed a pledge that described same-sex parents as “unconscionable and destructive,” likened the legalization of same-sex marriage to the legalization of drugs, incest, and polygamy, and recently described LGBTQ equality as “the biggest threat” to America’s “moral fiber.”

With his long history of climate change denial, sexist and racist comments, and ties to a prominent white supremacist group, we understand why the Freedom Foundation and their donors heart Huckabee, but that doesn’t mean our community businesses should give him a platform. Email the Salem Convention Center’s General Manager Chrissie Bertsch and tell them to cancel Huckabee’s appearance today.

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