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Responding to the Trump Budget Proposal

Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain responds to President Trump’s budget proposal, which includes a 20.7% cut to the Department of Labor, the agency tasked with protecting America’s workers.

“President Trump’s budget does not reflect our values as a nation, nor does it reflect the values we hold dear as Oregonians. The President’s budget includes cuts to programs which provide support to low-income working families, programs which protect working people on the job, and our country’s public schools. This budget could be a disaster for working people across the country, and should be rejected by Congress.

Oregon’s union movement calls on our Congressional delegation to stand against this proposed budget. It is our hope that Congress rejects President Trump’s devastating budget proposal, but Oregon’s lawmakers must be ready to protect our state’s workers by bolstering our state’s safety net, labor law enforcement and job training programs.”

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