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Portland Thorns Players Walk The Line With Striking Nabisco Workers

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

(PORTLAND) Dozens of striking Nabisco workers joined together with half of the members of the Portland Thorns soccer team today at the Nabisco factory in Northeast Portland.

“As you can see, we don’t have a thought of giving up at all,” said BCTGM Local 364 President Jesus Martinez to the crowd and soccer players. “We will win just like you win.”

The players are members of the National Women's Soccer League Players Association (NWSLPA) and came to offer support and solidarity to the striking union members who have been picketing for over a month and are showing no signs of giving up. Bella Bixby, Simone Charley, Marissa Everett, Emily Menges, Madison Pogarch, Taylor Porter, Yazmeen Ryan, Abby Smith, Morgan Weaver, and Christen Westphal all lent their name, time, and voices to these efforts.

“I’ve personally never been on a picket line before, but it is important to lend my voice and support other workers at this time.” Emily Menges, Portland Thorns player and Treasurer of the NWSLPA. She continued, “As members of a players union, members of a sports team, and part of a group of women who know right from wrong, it’s important to show up and stand in solidarity with other members of the community who are fighting for a lot of the same things we’re fighting for.”

Oregon AFL-CIO President Graham Trainor remarked on the event as well: “It is incredible to see a new union like the NWSLPA, who are bargaining their first contract right now, join the picket line with striking factory workers and walk shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity. Oregon’s labor movement remains committed to doing everything it can to support Local 364 until they have a fair contract and can return to work.”

BCTGM Local 364 in Portland and workers in four other states are striking at Nabisco / Mondelez for dignity, respect, and fairness. They have faced disrespect throughout the pandemic by being required to work intense overtime shifts while the company demands reduced overtime pay. Nabisco / Mondelez is a highly profitable company, but despite their earnings, they continue to outsource U.S. manufacturing jobs while trying to take away the secure retirement of their employees at their factories.

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