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Podcast: The Clean Energy Future MUST be Union Made

On this month’s episode of The Voice of Oregon’s Workers we bring you a captivating panel discussion from the 2022 Oregon AFL-CIO convention titled The Clean Energy Future MUST Be Union Made. The panelists on this episode are Ranfis Villatoro from the Blue Green Alliance, Rick Levy, President of the Texas AFL-CIO, Carol Zabin from the UC Berkeley Labor Center and Micah Mitrosky from the IBEW.

In Oregon and across the country, we recognize that the clean energy future is upon us and as union members, we have a strategic and moral imperative to be at the center of those conversations. Climate change and its policy responses touch all of us as workers and clean energy can and should affect us all. We must make sure that workers are at the table, forming policy solutions that will work for all of us – from fair and just job transitions and retraining to making sure clean energy jobs are union jobs with fair pay, good benefits, and the safest working conditions possible.

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