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New Podcast Episode: Striketober & Safe Video Productions: A Conversation With IATSE Local 488

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Television and video productions create the stories that we all love, from Hollywood blockbusters to runaway cult classic television shows. The wave of strikes and strike authorizations now known as Striketober was significantly propelled this month by IATSE members across the country and in Oregon demanding several on and off-set basics: Fair wages and rest breaks to name a few. While their contract was settled with a recent tentative agreement at the bargaining table, Striketober continues. We’re seeing workers stand up and fight for fair contracts across the county, and basic workplace safety is critical for a fair contract.

Tragically, the need for ever-present safety on film productions was demonstrated by the tragic on-set death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins last week. As we know, when experts are hired and workers have a voice on the job, workplace safety improves and that idea has become part of the national dialogue in the past week. Joining our podcast this month to discuss Striketober, workplace safety, and what it means to work on films as a union studio mechanic is cdavid cotrill, Southern Business Agent for IATSE Local 488.

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