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Oregon Unions Warn Voters About Knute Buehler’s Alarming Record

The Oregon AFL-CIO, the statewide federation of unions representing over 300,000 Oregonians, launched today to warn voters about the gubernatorial candidate’s voting history as a State Representative.

“Oregon’s voters need to have all the facts in front of them when it comes time to vote for Governor,” said Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain. “State Representative Buehler’s record as a legislator shows us where his values are, and what kind of a Governor he wants to be. From voting against increasing our minimum wage to his opposition to Oregon’s paid sick leave law, he is not prioritizing the needs of working people. The Oregon AFL-CIO is a strong voice for all workers, and we are using our voice to warn voters about State Representative Buehler’s alarming record on issues that impact workers and families all over our state.” shows voters how State Representative Buhler voted against a range of issues during his time in Salem through infographics. New infographics will be added to the page weekly over the coming months.

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