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Oregon’s Unions Stand in Solidarity during Unprecedented Disaster

Over the last six months, working people have been faced with the global COVID-19 pandemic, a subsequent economic free-fall, and decades-long impacts of structural & institutional racism. Undoubtedly, the culmination of these three ongoing crises has created unprecedented challenges for working Oregonians. From the moment the pandemic began, Oregon’s workers have been on the front lines, keeping our communities healthy, solvent, and functioning to the best of their abilities.

Now, as Oregonians in almost every county are suffering from the impacts of rapidly expanding wildfire events, union workers across employment sectors have stepped up to help our communities.

To help everyone stay connected during the wildfires, Xfinity WiFi Hotspots are open to the general public. Go to — Hillsboro Classified United 4671 (@HCU4671) September 11, 2020

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