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Oregon AFL-CIO, the Statewide Federation of Labor Unions, Responds to Election Results

Oregon AFL-CIO President Graham Trainor has released the following statement in response to the 2022 General Election results:

We are at a pivotal point in our nation’s history. Our freedom to have a union on the job, access affordable, lifesaving health care, retire in dignity in old age and even participate in our democracy were on the line in this election. We mobilized in this election to protect our freedoms. Union members have made the difference in key races throughout the country that will determine the direction of our nation. Across the country and in Oregon, tens of thousands of union volunteers worked tirelessly to make sure the voices of workers are heard loud and clear on Election Day

Oregon’s unions are proud of what we accomplished during our Labor 2022 campaign, the robust, statewide grassroots campaign to mobilize tens of thousands of labor voters in the state. Since September, we have mobilized union members from across the state to educate voters on Oregon Labor endorsed candidates. We contacted voters through door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, worksite conversations, through the mail, and in digital spaces. We know that when Oregon workers vote for pro-worker candidates we can truly make a difference in the lives of all working people and families.

At the Federal level, we are proud to see Senator Ron Wyden reelected and look forward to his continued advocacy for working people in the United States Senate. Additionally, we are equally proud to see Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle win her election. We eagerly await results in Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s race for Congress; she ran a strong campaign centered on the needs of working people and families. We also await the results of Representative Andrea Salinas’ race in the sixth Congressional District, who also ran a commendable, worker-centered campaign. It is only through the election of champions for workers’ rights that we will make the needed progress in our country, such as passing long overdue legislation to update our country’s sorely outdated labor laws.

We are ecstatic about Christina Stephenson’s victory, and know that as our next Labor Commissioner, she’ll be a strong advocate for workers in every sector of our state’s diverse economy. She ran an incredible campaign, centered around the issues impacting workplaces across the state and is a true advocate for working people.

The Oregon labor movement is excited to see Tina Kotek win the race for Oregon Governor. Oregon’s unions worked tirelessly to elect Governor-Elect Kotek. Throughout her entire career, Governor-Elect Kotek has stood arm-in-arm with working people and we know she will continue doing so in her new role. The Oregon labor movement looks forward to working with her and together we will continue to make progress towards a fair and just economy. Governor-Elect Kotek’s election represents a step forward for Oregon and we are excited to see her administration open a new chapter for our state.

We are encouraged to see both the Oregon Senate and the Oregon House remain in pro-worker, pro-union hands. We look forward to working with legislators during the 2023 legislative session to enact an agenda that centers the needs of working people and their families.

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