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Oregon AFL-CIO Stands with Lane County Employees

Employees of Lane County will walk out on strike tomorrow, following months of negotiations for a fair contract. Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain has issued the following statement in support of Lane County workers:

“The affiliated unions of the Oregon AFL-CIO stand behind Lane County workers in their struggle for a fair contract. Tomorrow, they walk out on strike. The decision to strike is never made lightly; it is one of the hardest decisions a worker can face. The bravery shown in Lane County to stand up for a fair contract demonstrates the kind of grit and determination that built America’s labor movement.

I applaud AFSCME Local 2831’s solidarity and unity during this difficult time: it is an inspiration to working people across the state of Oregon to see a group of workers take a stand for fairness, for equality, and for respect at work. It is a reminder of the strength of unions and that our struggles today are in vein with the struggles which advanced the rights of working people in America decades ago.”

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