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Oregon AFL-CIO Responds to Republican Tax Plan, Better Deal Platform

Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain responds to the Republican tax plan and the Better Deal platform from Senate Democrats:

“The latest news from Washington DC is quite a contrast: From one party, we see more of the same policies which have failed working people for decades: Trickle-down economics through lowering taxes for corporations and for the wealthy. On the other hand, we see efforts from lawmakers to work toward an equal economy by protecting working peoples’ freedom to stand together in union as part of the Better Deal platform.

The tax plan being touted by Republicans is not reform. Real tax reform would put money back into the pockets of working people. Their plan encourages offshoring and proposes cuts to vital programs like Medicaid, Medicare, education, and infrastructure to cover the cost of tax breaks for the 1%.

A recent poll shows many Americans want to see corporations pay their fair share instead of seeing more tax cuts. The unions of the Oregon AFL-CIO are committed to fighting for an economy where everyone can prosper, and we know massive tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations are not part of that equation. The Better Deal platform gets at what economists have been saying for years: When more people stand together in union, everyone benefits.

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