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Oregon AFL-CIO Resolves to Act Against Hate Incidents and Crimes

PORTLAND, OR – Following reports of hate incidents and crimes in the media and a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center showing Oregon as having the nation's highest per capita rate of hate incidents in the two weeks following the November election, the Oregon AFL-CIO has pledged to take a stand against hate incidents, particularly when it happens in the workplace.

“The labor movement was built on a simple but powerful idea: when one person is wronged, we are all wronged,” said Tom Chamberlain, President of the Oregon AFL-CIO which represents 300,000 union members and working people. “We are hearing reports of hate incidents and crimes happening more frequently in the workplace. The job of our federation and the job of the labor movement is to help working people stand together to protect their rights, both civil and economic.”

On Friday, December 2nd, the Oregon AFL-CIO’s Executive Board passed a resolution calling for the state federation to pursue a strategy to help workers report hate incidents and crimes and find resources when their civil rights are violated. As part of the resolution, the Oregon AFL-CIO will launch a telephone hotline in the coming weeks where workers can call to report incidents and be directed to appropriate resources. Information about the hotline will be available on the state federation’s website,

“We are going to focus on providing tools for workers to report these incidents and begin training union representatives to provide help directly to union members in their workplaces,” said Chamberlain. “It falls upon those of us entrusted to stand up for working people to do everything we can to protect all of our rights.”


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