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New Podcast Episode: Building Power Through Apprenticeships

With 45 million Americans owing a total of $1.5 trillion dollars in student debt, many people are turning to union apprenticeships to learn a trade while earning a living. This time-honored, debt-free education is made possible through North America’s Building Trades Unions whose affiliated unions operate 1,600 training facilities nationwide. An average of 60,000 workers are trained through these programs each year and enter their field with the skills and training to have a successful career in the building and construction trades.

Our latest podcast digs deep into Oregon’s own apprenticeship programs. Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council Executive Secretary Robert Camarillo and Cement Masons Local 555 Apprenticeship Instructor Noah Jones sat down to discuss how to join a program, why these programs are important, and explore the critical role that apprenticeships play in both the union movement and in our economy.

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