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Labor 2020 Endorsements

The Oregon AFL-CIO is a statewide federation of unions representing over 300,000 workers. These endorsements were finalized on Thursday, August 20 at the Federation’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) Board Meeting. The Federation has endorsed the following statewide ballot measures and candidates for federal, statewide & state legislative offices: U.S. SENATE U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D)

CONGRESS Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, CD 1 (D) Congressman Earl Blumenauer, CD 3 (D) Congressman Peter DeFazio, CD-4 (D)

OREGON SECRETARY OF STATE State Senator Shemia Fagan

OREGON STATE TREASURER State Treasurer Tobias Read

OREGON ATTORNEY GENERAL State Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum

STATEWIDE BALLOT MEASURES Yes for Fair and Honest Elections, Measure 107 Yes for a Healthy Future, Measure 108 Yes on 110: More Treatment. A Better Oregon.

STATE SENATE Melissa Cribbins, SD 5 (D) Deb Patterson, SD 10 (D) Kate Lieber, SD 14 (D) State Senator Kathleen Taylor, SD 21 (D) State Representative Chris Gorsek, SD 25 (D)

STATE HOUSE Mary Middleton, HD 4 (D) Alberto Enriquez, HD 6 (D) Cal Mukumoto, HD 9 (D) Jackie Leung, HD 19 (D) State Representative Paul Evans, HD 20 (D) Ramiro “RJ” Navarro, Jr., HD 25 (D) WInsvey Campos, HD 28 (D) Debbie Boothe-Schmidt, HD 32 (D) State Representative Maxine Dexter, HD 33 (D) Dacia Grayber, HD 35 (D) Dr. Lisa Reynolds, HD 36 (D) State Representative Rachel Prusak, HD 37 (D) Tessah Danel, HD 39 (D) Khanh Pham, HD 46 (D) Zach Hudson, HD 49 (D) Ricki Ruiz, HD 50 (D) Jason Kropf, HD 54 (D) State Representative Greg Smith, HD 57 (R) Following the 2019 legislative session when many of Oregon’s legislators voted to cut retirement benefits for public employees with Senate Bill 1049, the Oregon AFL-CIO passed a resolution restricting contributions and support for lawmakers who voted for the legislation. After a successful primary election campaign that bolstered the efforts of dozens of pro-worker candidates, Oregon AFL-CIO President Graham Trainor addressed the urgent need for labor advocates in elected office:

“The last six months have been devastating for so many working Oregonians. With no end to the pandemic in sight, and no guaranteed, on-the-job protections from infectious diseases like COVID-19, working people continue to suffer. Now, more than ever, we need bold, progressive, pro-worker leadership in all levels of government. We need elected leaders who share the lived experiences of all Oregonians, not just the wealthy and well connected. For this reason, Oregon’s Labor Movement is committed to electing the most diverse, progressive, pro-labor slate of candidates in our state’s history.”

The Oregon AFL-CIO regularly operates one of the largest independent campaign efforts in the state. Workers across Oregon will begin campaigning on September 12th at this year’s Labor 2020 Kickoff event.

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