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Early Labor Endorsements in Lane County

SPRINGFIELD - Yesterday, Lane County Commissioners Joe Berney and Heather Buch formally announced their endorsement by the Lane County Central Labor Chapter for the May 2022 election. The endorsement by the local federation of unions in Lane County is of particular interest to working people in Lane County, as contract negotiations between County workers and management have become increasingly tense.

Commissioner Berney explained efforts underway in Lane County to provide community benefits agreements to new construction efforts, and remarked on the importance of the endorsement: “Never doubt that one lowly commissioner out of five, in one country out of 36 in one state of 50 can make changes that reverberate.”

Commissioner Buch explained how the past year has impacted Lane County's workers: “Last year was incredibly challenging for Lane County, and for all of our workers here locally. We had gone through a global pandemic, and the massive mega fire with the Holiday Farm Fires. We couldn’t have made it through without meaningful work and resiliency in our Community.”

The Lane County Central Labor Chapter voted to endorse Commissioners Berney and Buch because of their steadfast commitment to the working people of Lane County. Endorsing candidates early is an important indication of the local labor movement’s attitude toward these candidates, and will set the tone for the campaign as election day draws closer.

Lane County Central Labor Chapter President Jeff McGillivray explained how the Chapter plans to engage voters: “Politics is local. The decisions made by the county commission impact everyone in Lane County. As the local labor movement, our job is to speak up for working people - and that’s exactly why we we have endorsed Commissioners Berney and Buch and why we will be starting early in 2022 to talk to voters about their accomplishments, commitments and to do everything we can to ensure their reelection in Lane County. Workers depend on it.”

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