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Be Counted Today! ✅


Self-responding to the Census is the easiest way to make sure you are counted amid the COVID-19 situation. Self-response is quick, easy, and can be done online, by phone, or by mail. Residents can self-respond to the Census online at or over the phone in English by dialing 844-330-2020 or in Spanish at 844-468-2020.

In the face of our current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now even more imperative to complete the 2020 census. Completing the census is crucial because it provides the necessary data to better plan for emergency responses. Census information collected for example is used to determine where new hospitals should be built and what additional services are needed. This crisis and our current emergency response to it highlight that our social infrastructure wasn’t prepared for it. We must ensure this does not happen again. Emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic are precisely why the government needs accurate Census data.

Census Day is also a great time to share with your family, friends, and community that you completed the census! Included are ways that you can share with everyone that you’ve completed the census and encourage others to do so.

If you’re social distancing at home, here are some ways to show YOU count!

  1. Share a quick blurb on why the census matters to you and use the hashtag #ORLaborCounts and #WeCountOregon

  2. Take a census selfie of you and your completed survey

  3. Tag 3 friends to share who they can count on and why the census matters to them.

  4. Record a short video of why completing the census is important to you

For graphics to use today, please check out this amazing image from our friends at Forward Together.

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