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2023 Oregon AFL-CIO Legislative Scorecard & Award Winners

It’s been a banner few years for Oregon’s workers and we’re excited to reflect on the wins, champions and places for improvement when it comes to labor policies in our state by officially rolling out our 2023 Legislative Scorecard and award winners in tandem with the 2023 Legislative Session Report.

Legislative Awards

At the 2023 Oregon Labor Awards Ceremony at the 58th Biennial Oregon AFL-CIO Convention, unions and legislators were recognized for their incredible contributions to the Oregon Labor Movement since our last convention in 2022. For a full recap of all of the awards given at the ceremony, please click here. At the ceremony, we recognized three legislators who advocated for policies and laws that benefit workers in some exceptionally amazing ways:

LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR: Representative (and union firefighter) Dacia Grayber for her incredible support of Oregon Labor’s priority bills across the board.
RISING STAR: Representative Nathan Sosa for truly for sending a clear signal in his first several legislative sessions and as vice-chair of the House Business and Labor Committee as a fighter for workers’ rights. (Representative Sosa was unable to attend the ceremony.)
SOLIDARITY CHAMPION: Senate Majority Kate Lieber who proactively listened to and reached out to workers and our unions to understand our needs in an exemplary way.


2023 Scorecard & Legislative Session Report

Despite the longest legislative walk-out in American history, it was a banner year for Oregon’s Labor Movement, with legislative wins across affiliated unions and in every region of the state and sector of the economy. We saw many legislators truly hear the needs of workers and take action to protect wages and benefits, increase workplace safety, and improve our communities.

The legislators listed below each earned their score based on their voting records and advocacy for Oregon workers across a wide range of priorities set by Oregon AFL-CIO’s affiliates including bills around safety and health reforms, procurement policy and labor standards, healthcare, organizing and collective bargaining, education, worker recruitment and retention, and creating the Oregon that workers need. We were excited that labor priorities including OSHA penalty increases, massive investments in infrastructure programs and good labor jobs, safe hospital staffing, electronic signature cards in organizing and so many more made it across the finish line thanks to the advocacy of key legislators, unions and workers across the state.

The Oregon AFL-CIO has compiled an extensive report of how each Oregon Labor priority bill fared during the session. Click here to download the report.

Please click here to download a PDF of the 2023 Oregon AFL-CIO Legislative Scorecard. These medals were awarded based on key votes in the 2023 session on the Oregon AFL-CIO and our affiliates priority bills, in addition to behind-the-scenes advocacy on behalf of workers and union members.


  • Senate President Rob Wagner (D)

  • Sen. Chris Gorsek (D)

  • Sen. Kayse Jama (D)

  • Sen. Kate Lieber (D)

  • Sen. Deb Patterson (D)

  • Sen. Kathleen Taylor (D)

  • Speaker Dan Rayfield (D)

  • Rep. Dacia Grayber(D)

  • Rep. Tom Andersen (D)

  • Rep. Ben Bowman (D)

  • Rep. Jason Kropf (D)

  • Rep. Nathan Sosa (D)


  • Sen. Wlnsvey Campos (D)

  • Sen. Michael Dembrow (D)

  • Sen. Lew Frederick (D)

  • Sen. Sara Gelser Blouin (D)

  • Sen. Jeff Golden (D)

  • Sen. James Manning (D)

  • Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D)

  • Sen. Janeen Sollman (D)

  • Sen. Aaron Woods (D)

  • Rep. Maxine Dexter(D)

  • Rep. Julie Fahey (D)

  • Rep. Mark Gamba (D)

  • Rep. Annessa Hartman (D)

  • Rep. Ken Helm (D)

  • Rep. Paul Holvey (D)

  • Rep. Zack Hudson (D)

  • Rep. Susan McLain (D)

  • Rep. Nancy Nathanson (D)

  • Rep. Travis Nelson (D)

  • Rep. Courtney Neron (D)

  • Rep. Hoa Nguyen (D)

  • Rep. Rob Nosse (D)

  • Rep. Hai Pham (D)

  • Rep. Lisa Reynolds (D)

  • Rep. Ricki Ruiz (D)

  • Rep. Tawna Sanchez (D)

  • Rep. Andrea Valderrama (D)

  • Rep. Jules Walters (D)


  • Sen. Mark Meek (D)

  • Sen. Elizabeth Steiner (D)

  • Rep. Farrah Chaichi (D)

  • Rep. David Gomberg (D)

  • Rep. John Lively (D)

  • Rep. Pam Marsh (D)

  • Rep. Khanh Pham (D)

  • Rep. Thuy Tran (D)


  • Sen. Dick Anderson (R)

  • Rep. Janelle Bynum (D)

  • Rep. Paul Evans (D)

  • Rep. Emerson Levy (D)

  • Rep Daniel Nguyen (D)

  • Rep. Kevin Mannix (R)

  • Rep. Greg Smith (R)

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