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2024 Oregon Labor Organizing Summit

Updated: Mar 22

2024 Oregon Labor Organizing Summit 

Thursday, May 30, 9:00am - 4:00pm

LiUNA 737 Training Center, 17230 NE Sacramento St, Portland, OR 97230

Light Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments provided


Registration Details

Registration fee: $50 per person. 

Registration is limited to union members, leaders, and staff of unions PLEASE PAY IN ADVANCE TO EXPEDITE THE SIGN-IN PROCESS AT THE SUMMIT 


Please email for information on how to register


The Labor Movement has more public support than we’ve seen in generations. More Americans would form a union with their coworkers today if given the opportunity and the majority of American workers have shown strong support for unions when we stand up for our rights through strikes and collective action. 

We are at a historic moment for organized labor. We have broad public support, momentum from our recent victories, and a working class who are not content being fed crumbs from corporate America amidst inflation and rampant economic inequality.  There’s only one way to meet this incredible moment: Organize.  Every worker.  Every industry.  Every community.  The time is now to grow our movement and build greater power for working people. 

That’s why the Oregon AFL-CIO is hosting the 2024 Organizing Summit: This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for union members, leaders, and staff to come together to strategize and build community with other unionists, laying the foundation to organize. This year’s theme is Work, Life, Democracy: It’s Better in a Union because we know that when workers are members of a union, they are a part of something transformational that can create powerful change at work and in the community. 

AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler is the keynote speaker of the event, and we will be joined by  organizing experts from across the country.  Participants at this year’s summit will have the opportunity to attend workshops on a wide range of topics related to organizing, learn best practices and strategies from organizers and workers, and be a part of our mission to grow union membership rapidly in Oregon.  

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